Environmental Impact Assessment
As the name implies, this is a report undertaken by environmental consultant on development projects to make comparative assessment of the project's environmental impact and mitigation opportunities.
This report is a management tool for official managers and policy makers who take important decisions about major development. It is a also a process used for predicting environmental consequences stress up of a proposed development and planning the appropriate measure to reduce adverse effect. Therefore, EIA report are produced and submitted to the organization.

Characteristics of the development include: size of the project development, correct sketch, use of natural resources as raw material (quantities, qualities and sources) e.g landscaping. Level of pollution, nuisance to be determined and predicted, risk (accident) industrial, traffic e.t.c to be determined and evaluated.

Impact Assessment.
Characteristics of potential impacts to be determine / predicted based on geographical extend of the impact, nature of the impact, magnitude and complexity of the impact, probability of the impact duration, frequency and reversibility of the impact. In a nut shell, the main objectives of the report is to compare the positive and negative impact the project will have on the environment and then suggest possible mitigation option.
If however the negative impact is so great and no mitigation solutions are proffered, the EIA Report is rejected and the continuance of the project denied.

Environmental Inspection

Laboratory Services

  • Operates and manages Pollution Control laboratory (Bacteriological, physiochemical and soil laboratory).
  • Collects and analyses water, waste water (effluent) and air quality of industries and environs on routine basis.
  • Review of results for effluent and air quality submitted by Industries to ensure compliance to standards.
  • Determination of heavy metals in all media- air, land and water.
  • Air and Noise measurement for mobile and stationary equipment.
  • Assessment of stress fee (polluter pay principle) for Industries via analyzing such industry’s effluents and ensure payments.
  • Attending to public complains that require the use of laboratory equipments e.g. noise meters, augur, etc.
  • Routine inspection of industries to ensure strict adherence to environmental standards and compliance.
  • Participates in the registration of environmental consultants and contractors.
  • Consultancy services.

Environmental Training
Environmental Associations
Environmental Mobile Court
Mobile court is a way of prosecuting defaulters who fail to comply with Environmental laws of the state, which the defaulters have been served with abatement notices. The court move from one point to the other, therefore the mobile court is used as a medium to ensure compliance.
The mobile court is carried out once or twice a month.
KEPA Dumpsites
Is an enlarged waste collection centers created by the State Government for dumping of all kinds of waste generated by both industries, market, household etc.
Waste Collecting Centres
These are center created and managed by Local Government and mostly in the neighborhood, accumulation of these are been evacuated to the main enlarged waste collection center.
The two major dumpsites are:-

  1. Along kilometer six (6) Kaduna - Abuja expressway:
    The dumpsite is located on latitude 10.40644N and longitude 7.39919E and is fenced round with two exits the dump site is where laterite was excavated for road construction.
  2. Along Birnin Gwari Lagos road buruku:
    The dumpsite is located on latitude 10.59763N and longitude 7.33619E the dumpsite also enclosed with two outlets and exit for vehicle to drive in and out.