Department of Monitoring and Enforcement


  • Development control for buildings requiring Environmental Assessments
  • Environmental Assessment costs and processing of projects/ buildings / and developments requiring EIA approval and certification.
  • Organizing Environmental Mobile Courts.
  • Environmental Research and organizing workshops/ conferences on environmental matters.
  • Registration and Certification of Environmental Consultants and contractors.
  • Overseeing the activities of the Zonal and Area Offices.
  • Monitoring the activities of Industrial Pollution Abatement Committee (IPAC).
  • Participate in Environmental Audits of existing facilities.
  • Solid waste management

Department of Public Health and Laboratory Services


Public Health Unit:

  • Routine inspection to Special work places (Hotels, Bukatarias, Bakeries, Restaurants, Hospitals, Filling Stations, Banks, e.t.c.) and Industries.
  • Attending to public complains on environmental degradation (such as drainages, refuse, noise that poses nuisance.
  • Participate in Environmental Assessments and audit reviews in collaboration with other departments.
  • Stray animals arrest
  • Participate in registration of consultants and contactors.
  • Supervising of NYSC Corps members and IT/ SIWES students.

Laboratory services:

  • Operates and manages Pollution Control laboratory (Bacteriological, physiochemical and soil laboratory).
  • Collects and analyses water, waste water (effluent) and air quality of industries and environs on routine basis.
  • Review of results for effluent and air quality submitted by Industries to ensure compliance to standards.
  • Determination of heavy metals in all media- air, land and water.
  • Air and Noise measurement for mobile and stationary equipment.
  • Assessment of stress fee (polluter pay principle) for Industries via analyzing such industry’s effluents and ensure payments.
  • Attending to public complains that require the use of laboratory equipments e.g. noise meters, augur, etc.
  • Routine inspection of industries to ensure strict adherence to environmental standards and compliance.
  • Participates in the registration of environmental consultants and contractors.
  • Consultancy services.

Department of Finance and Admin


  • Appointment, promotion and discipline of staff.
  • Staff training and welfare.
  • Handling of establishment of the staff generally.
  • Handling of personnel records.
  • Secretary of the Authority’s personnel management and committees.
  • Handling the Finances of the authority.
  • Collection and disbursement of cash (overhead from Ministry of Finance).
  • Prepare monthly returns for recurrent expenditures.
  • Prepare monthly returns for revenue collections via the state’s TSA.
  • Prepare books of account such as cash book, vote books, security documents e.t.c.