About KEPA

The Kaduna State Environmental Protection Authority (KEPA) was established by edict of 1994 and later revised in 1998 to ensure sustainability in Kaduna State. The authority is charged with the responsibility of addressing all environmental problems in the state including but not limited to organising Programmes aim at changing peoples negative attitudes towards environmental management for sustainable development.

KEPA under the supervision of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources has it's head office situated at No 10, Link road, Kaduna south LGA of the State with zonal offices in Zaria, Kafanchan and Birnin Gwari Local Government Areas of the State. This is all aimed at making Kaduna State an environmentally friendly state.

  • WHAT WE DO :

Develop, implement, and enforce environmental laws and regulations in Kaduna State.


To establish sustainability in our communities.


To encourage inclusive prosperity at minimal environmental cost.


Team Work

Functions Of The Authority
In line with VISION and MISION of the Authority, the SERVICE stipulated to be rendered by the Authority are:

  • The control, removal and disposal of liquid waste;
  • The control and disposal of solid waste;
  • The control of:-
    1. Vector pest, rodents and reptiles;
    2. Potable and waste water-effluent discharges;
    3. Noise which constitutes nuisance;
    4. The use of septic tanks and sewage maintenance;
    5. Bush burning, indiscriminate felling of tress;
    6. Stray and wandering animals;
    7. Public conveniences and cemeteries;
    8. The use of residential areas for prohibited purpose;
    9. Working or driving on prohibited areas;
  • Doing such other things as are necessary or expedient for the purpose of enhancing a healthy environmental within the State.

The Authority shall liaise with relevant department and such other government agencies for the control of burrow pits and quarry sites within the State and direct construction companies or individuals and ensure that such places are replanted to avoid soil erosion.

The Authority shall subject to this Law have the general responsibility for all matters relating to the environment and without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing it shall be the duty of the Authority to:-

  1. Enact and enforce State regulations, procedures, guidelines, and environmental standard for effective – prevention, remediation, control and monitoring of point and non – point source of pollution and degradation;
  2. Implement, and review environmental policy in the State and in particular to demand and review environmental impact assessment and statement and for new development projects and to also demand review environmental audit reports for existing developments and such other operations which are deemed to have significant impact on the environment;
  3. Prepare in accordance with the State policy and Law on the environment periodic master plans for the development and financial requirements for implementation of such plans;
  4. Prevent or stop any act omission which consequences are likely to diversely affect environment and to generally del with any discharge either solid, liquid or gaseous materials deposited willfully or otherwise in the environmental and to deal generally with any violation which the Authority may deem hazardous to the environment and the ecosystem:
    They shall in particular:-
    • Monitor the whole parts of the State for any such discharge.
    • Cause the responsible parties to stop or remove such discharge;
    • Remove or cause or be removed such discharge at the expenses of the defaulting party;
    • Penalty to be paid in accordance with appropriate regulations;
    • Reinstate, rehabilitate or cause the effect environment to be removed to its original state at the expense of the responsible parties,
    • Approve landscaping for all and drainage plans on new developments’ and
    • Grant final approval for all manner of mining activities in the State;
  5. Monitor environmental quality, conduct programmes for continuing surveillance and of regular periodic inspection of actual or potential contaminants of point and non-point sources of environmental pollution in accordance with the laid down regulations as the Authority may deem f(f.) it;
  6. To liaise with Federal, State, local Government and other public and private Authorities, agencies and institutions engaged in environmental planning and functions;
  7. Research, collect information and research findings in various environment disciplines.
  8. Develop libraries and archives, and to establish and maintain a database on environment;
  9. Stimulate public interest on environment by public awareness, campaign and generally encourage environmental education programmes in schools, mass media and other formal and informal sector;
  10. Where feasible, conduct training programmes for industrial, commercial and public institutions and or recruit or train environmental extension workers and staff of the Authority for the purpose of effective mobilization of the public towards environmental education and awareness;
  11. Issue permits, license, approvals and to issue certification and operation levies for the issuance of such permits, license, approval and certifications as the Authority may from time to time prescribe;
  12. Establish and maintain close liaison and linkages with major research and scientific institutions, professional associations, experts and consultants as well as government and non – governmental organizations in the flied of environment;
  13. Investigate and ascertain all violation of this law and, or relevant rules and regulations under the law and prosecute or to be prosecuted such violators;
  14. Demand to access to any public or private property or premises at all reasonable time enter upon for the purpose of inspecting and investigating for ascertaining any violations or potential violations;
  15. Establish zonal offices in the State and constitute joint consultative committee with the Federal and Local Governments, for the purpose of operating, administering and enforcing the provision of any existing law and regulations and or any enactment relating to environment generally,
  16. Without prejudice to the provision of any existing law relating to refuse disposal the Authority shall establish operational mechanisms for refuse collection, transportation and disposal in cooperation with the Local Governments of the State;
  17. Subject to the approval of the Governor, the Authority may borrow money, whether by the way of mortgage or otherwise for the execution and discharge of its functions;
  18. The Authority may accept gift of land, money, books or other property upon such terms and conditions as may be specified by the person making the gift, provided it shall not be lawful for the Authority to accept any gift if the gift are consistent with functions of the Authority under the law or contrary or any law or regulations for the time being in force;
  19. Subject to the existing regulations and other legislation, honour, adopt and execute all existing bilateral and multilateral agreements, memoranda of understanding, cultural obligations, including executing project and programmes with foreign countries non-governmental organizations and individuals; and
  20. The Authority shall have the power to delegate some of or any of its functions and conditions as it may be determined.


KEPA's Field Offices(Zonal & Area Offices)
KEPA has three zonal offices as follows:

  1. Birnin Gwari
  2. Kafanchan
  3. Zaria.

Also, there are three area ofiices namely;

  1. Maraban Jos
  2. Makarfi
  3. Tafa & Saminaka area office.

The three zonal offices were created in 2006 in order to extend the authority's activities to the three senatorial zones of the state. Also, the mangement created the three area offices in 2012.
This increase the presence of the authority in most of the local government that has environmental related problems that the agency was absent.

The routine activities of the zonal offices and area offices are as follows;

  • Development control
  • House to house inspection
  • Inspection of drainages and mobilization
  • Environmental health education
  • Inspection of clinic/hospitals
  • Inspection of abattoir/market/parks
  • And any other environmental / health issue that is not listed above.All these is in an effort to ensure a clean and healthy environment.


  • Zonal Offices :
    1. Birnin Gwari (Birnin Gwari and part of Chikun, Kuriga, Udawa)
    2. Kafanchan (Jama'a, Jaba, Kachia, Sanga, Kaura, Zangon Kataf)
    3. Saminaka (Lere, Kauru, Kubau)
    4. Zaria (Soba, Zaria, Sabon Gari, Giwa)
  • Area Offices :
    1. Makarfi Tashan Yari (Ikara, Makarfi, Kudan)
    2. Maraban Jos (Igabi(part), From U/Kaji Northwards)
    3. Tafa Dulu(Kachia, Kagarko)
  • Headquarters :
    1. Kaduna North (Kaduna North)
    2. Kaduna South (Kaduna South)
    3. Chikun (Chikun excluding Udawa & kuriga)
    4. Igabi (Igabi excluding U/Kaji northwards)